Algorand Developer Workshop

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Certified Algorand Developer - Live Online Instructor-Led Welcome to the Live Online Instructor-Led Algorand Developer Workshop designed to accompany and leverage lessons learned in the Certified Algorand Developer Course.  This Workshop will …

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Smart Contract Security Workshop


Smart Contract Security Workshop Smart Contract Security Workshop illustrates how smart contracts extend the functionality of the blockchain by allowing programs to run on top of the distributed ledger. However, as smart contracts become more common and powerful, vulnerabilities in these contracts have far-reaching implications. Enroll in this course to learn about common smart contract …

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Linux Hyperledger Fabric Developer Workshop


Linux Hyperledger Fabric Developer Workshop The Linxu Hyperledger Fabric Developer Workshop and course upskills existing developers providing the tools and practical skills in implementing business logic by writing chaincode, Fabric’s smart contracts, and creating enterprise blockchain-based applications. In this course developers learn how to implement and test a chaincode in Golang for any use case, …

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